Why Teach in London?

London ranked #1 Best City in the world for 2019

When consultancy company Resonance looked at 7 key factors including house affordability and job opportunities, quality of the natural and built environments, quality of key institutions, attractions and infrastructure, diversity of people, promotion online, economic prosperity and quality of the arts, culture, restaurants and nightlife London came out on top!

Career Benefits

Teaching in London is a great addition to your CV and is a stepping stone to teaching anywhere in the world. There are so many opportunities for Teachers abroad to come and teach in London where you will be surrounded by many different cultures and languages. There are more schools rated good and outstanding than anywhere else in England.


The balance between the concrete jungle of the city and the abundance of green spaces makes London a very livable city. The parks within the city provide a pleasant escape after a busy day or week, especially in summer when the days stretch on. You have the chance to work hard through the school term then enjoy all London has to offer during the term breaks.

The transport system (the tube) is easy, accessible and usually reliable, making getting around a breeze. People say London is an expensive city to live in, but it is relatively easy to live within your means and still have a great experience.


London has some of the best sights in the world including Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. You are also spoilt by choice with many museums and art galleries to take in most of them with free entry.

There is always something going on in London. Whether it be a movie premiere, world-class sporting match or a show at the Theatre. Then there’s the smaller bottomless brunches, comedy shows and karaoke nights. There’s truly something for everyone and you’ll never be bored again.


With Europe on London’s doorstep, it couldn’t be easier to take the opportunity to travel the continent. With the UK’s school year these opportunities come up quite often with Term and half Term breaks about every 6 weeks.

Revel in the chance to experience some of Europe’s top attractions including Oktoberfest in Germany, Running of the bulls in Spain or St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Alternatively, with National Rail and Bus services, it’s just as easy to explore the rest of England.

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